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How much does aerial filming and photography services cost?

As with other products we offer various price points for our different levels of service. We have everything from quadcopter packages to the larger two operator hexarotor and octorotor camera drones that can carry gimbal stabilized Canon 5D, Black Magic, GH4's etc. We also have very large “heavy lift” octorotors available that can fly a full Red or ARRI Mini camera package. Please contact our office today for a current price sheet or quote for your specific shoot.

Do you provide the cameras and lenses?

Depending on what you are looking for we can offer most camera and lens setups. Sometimes only specific lenses will work based on the craft and the rest of the hardware. We also have follow focus systems available. Have a look at our cameras page for more details.

How do you deliver the aerial photos and video files?

Depending on our agreement we can either give you the SD cards right out of the cameras, transfer the files to a portable drive on site or deliver via courier on a portable drive on the first business day after the shoot.

Do you provide stock footage?

Yes. Our stock footage library is growing every day.

Do you offer post-production services?

We can provide basic editing, color correction and grading for the footage we shoot. However, postproduction is not our specialty and we suggest for complex projects that you hire us to fly and film and then outsource the postproduction side of the job. We can suggest some great suppliers for this.

I heard aerial filming is illegal. Is this true?

Commercial aerial filming is absolutely legal in Canada when done with permission from Transport Canada and the drone operator has a Special Flight Operations Certificate – S.F.O.C., the appropriate insurance and we have permission from the property owner. See our Drone Safety Bulletin for more information on the rules and regulations here in Canada. Unfortunately, there will be situations and scenarios where aerial drone based filming will not be possible due to site limitations such as crowd proximity or airspace restrictions. For these sites consider our cable cam services as an alternative solution.

How long can you fly and film for?

Depending on the camera package flight times vary from 6-20 minutes. Our teams travel with enough batteries and fully portable charging stations to allow for near constant filming if required.

Do you have aerial insurance?

Yes, we carry $5 million CGL specific to drone based aerial filming operations.  We can add companies as “additionally insured” as required.

Can you fly indoors?

Yes, we can, although we need a minimum of 40’ X 40’ with 12’ minimum ceiling height in order to do this safely and effectively. Our new drone technology has downward facing sensors that assist with flight control in indoor environments. These sensors give us close to the same degree of flight accuracy and control that we get using GPS outdoors.

Can you fly over a crowd?

Drones or UAVs are not permitted to fly over the public ever! However, it is possible to make it appear that you are flying over a crowd with careful lens selection and camera angles. We can fly over actors on a closed set and anyone else who has given us permission to do so and has taken part in the safety brief for that operation. If you need to fly right over a crowd at a festival or live event, we suggest using our cable cam rig.

Can you fly at night?

We currently have special approval from Transport Canada for night flights.

Do I need to obtain any special permits in order to hire DroneBoy for aerial filming?

We have a Standing Special Flight Operations Certificate (S.F.O.C.) from Transport Canada for all five of the flight regions across Canada. This is a huge advantage as it enables us to fly almost anywhere in Canada on very short notice. Additional permits may be required depending on the location. These may include Film Office, City and other permits. We can assist you in obtaining these permits as required but it is the responsibility of the show producer to have these permits in place.

Can you fly in restricted airspace?

In order to fly in zones designated as Restricted Airspace we need to obtain a special permissions permit, in addition to our Standing S.F.O.C. This is absolutely doable but can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to procure. Niagara Falls is a prime example of a much sought after restricted airspace, given its proximity to the U.S. border. We have however been granted numerous restricted permits for that region, and now have a very good working relationship with authorities in the area.

Where do you offer your services?

We are based just outside of Toronto, ON and have our Transport Canada approval for not only Ontario, but for all provinces and territories throughout Canada. Additionally, we also have partnerships in place with international operators and so, for example, should you require a drone operation in the US, we can make all the arrangements and handle that for you. Lastly, as of this spring we have started expanding our operation service offering overseas as well. For the right project we will travel anywhere in the world where it is legal to fly and filme are based just outside Toronto, ON and operate throughout all of Canada. For the right project we will travel anywhere in the world where it is legal to fly and film.

What weather can you fly in?

Each drone has specific environmental limitations; these vary from -20°C to +40°C and winds up to 40km/h. As always, the better the weather the better, and safer, the flight will be. We cannot fly in the rain, and in some instances, special modifications can be made if flight in colder temperatures is required.

How high can you fly?

Our current Standing S.F.O.C. from Transport Canada gives us the ability to legally fly up to 400' AGL (Above Ground Level). Depending on the site and surroundings we can get special approval to fly much higher, but this requires special permission from Transport Canada and more time in order to turn around the application. If you need to fly higher than 400’AGL please allow 20 business days to process this request.

How fast can you fly?

Our standard fleet of camera drones can fly at speeds up to 85km/h. If higher speeds are required, we have some single rotor (remote controlled helicopter) machines that can fly much faster. Our cable cam systems can operate up to 80km/h and above.

Do you provide mapping and photogrammetry services?

Yes we do. Drones are the perfect tool for mapping needs. We are able to cover areas as small as a few acres, right on up to much larger areas of several hundred acres. The technical capabilities of the drone combined with very sophisticated back end software processing enables us to generate high resolution large area terrain maps and 3D images. If the Google maps view of your project is too out of date or not detailed enough we can help you get a current detailed (as detailed as 2cm/pixel) view. We can even provide updated views over time to monitor transformation of your project, for example construction sites. Output files are also GIS ready so that you can further work with the data for mapping, surveying, modeling, etc. Please see our mapping and photogrammetry page for details.

We want to broadcast live from a drone. Is this possible?

We can capture your footage and feed it to your live broadcasting system with ease. We also have the ability to live stream straight to all the popular online platforms for live content such as YouTube and Facebook. Check out our livestream page for more details.


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