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Welcome to our first ever DroneBoy newsletter. We will publish these from time to time to let you know what we are up to, high in the skies above. Enjoy!

Transport Canada Standign SFOC

Transport Canada Standing SFOC

We are super excited to announce that DroneBoy is now fully Transport Canada approved with Standing Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) for any project with all six of our drones and all our entire team of pilots, camera operators and support personnel. What does this mean for you, our valuable client? It means that we can tackle any size aerial drone project that you can dream up on very short notice anywhere in the country. We can even work multiple projects and locations at the same time all while guaranteeing that your shoot is fully compliant, legal, insured and carried out in the safest way possible. All our flying and filming is done by our in house team of highly trained, experienced and friendly operators. What could be better!

New Hardware Added To The Fleet


Anyone who has been watching the drone/UAV market for any length of time knows that this is a rapidly developing sector with regards to hardware and technological innovations. It is a constant challenge to stay current and something that we take very seriously. Here is an abbreviated list of some of our new, awesome technology and gear that we can't wait to show you on your next shoot.

inspire pro sony a7s gremsy


We recently added a couple of the new DJI Inspire 1 Pro’s (I1PRO) to our ever growing fleet of dronesThe previous Inspire was amazing and proved itself to be one of our most popular units this past season due to its size, ease of use, imaging quality and system rental price point. Just over a month ago DJI made some HUGE changes to the camera on the I1PRO by swapping it out for their new gimbal mounted micro 4/3rds unit. This new camera has made the Inspire platform even better with greater dynamic range, interchangeable lenses, improved optics and a more professional build quality overall. To read more about the amazing new I1PRO check out our recent blog post here.


Camera technology changes almost as fast as the drones do. Lucky for us cameras are getting better, lighter and smaller, which is perfect for our purposes. One of our favorite flying cameras right now is the brand new Sony A7S II. This is a full frame 35mm camera that shoots stunning 4K video at up to 30FPS. The real beauty of this camera is the light sensitivity. It can shoot at ISO settings up to 409,600 if you can believe it. Of course we never shoot that high but we do often shoot at ISO 16,000 and get beautiful, noise free shots in extremely low light situations. Also, because this camera is full frame we can use our cinema prime lenses for superior quality optics and light. Wicked!


We now have the full lineup of Gremsy three axis camera gimbals for both hand held and drone use. What is a gimbal do you ask? A gimbal keeps the camera perfectly stable even when the thing holding it (person, drone etc.) is moving all over the place. It is the reason our shots are so buttery smooth. We feel that the Gremsy brand camera gimbal is on par with Movi systems and we love them. We provide Gremsy gimbals on all our drones and offer stand-alone gimbal packages for super steady hand held shots as well

World Scleroderma Day



This one is hard to describe but if you have a couple of minutes we suggest that you check out this video. The OneWheel combined with a handheld gimbal is an amazing way to get a beautiful shot close to the ground, both indoors and out. Super fun and amazing!

For more information on this exciting new tech, click here.

Drone Safety Bulletin

What you should know before you hire a drone team

Our team has been noticing an upswing in the number of “questionable” drone operations carried out by others out there in the world these days, and in order to address this in a positive way we have put together this new Drone Safety Bulletin. To be honest, there is a lot of conflicting information out there, and some folks probably don’t know what is legal or not. We hope to fix this with this simple one-page bulletin aimed at professional drone operations. We will be sending this out to directors, producers, venue and location managers and anyone else that we figure will be hiring drone teams to do their shoots. Feel free to pass this bulletin around and call us if you have any questions about how to stay compliant while working with this amazing new drone technology.