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Hello and welcome to our first newsletter of 2018. Happy New Year! Usually things slow down for us in the winter months but this doesn’t appear to be the case this year. Here is what we have been up to lately…

DroneBoy Has An Airplane
DroneBoy Has An Airplane

DroneBoy Has An Airplane

DroneBoy Has An Airplane Video


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A drone company with their own airplane?? It sounds a little crazy so allow me to explain this awesome situation…

The nature of our drone business is extremely diverse. This is one of the things that I love about it but it can also cause us difficulty on the operations level. Our missions, job locations and services provided are as varied as our clients. Schedules are constantly changing and always tight and all of this adds up to a business that can be logistically challenging. This is where an airplane has proven to be an extremely valuable business tool.

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Flying Drones in the Cold
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Flying Drones In The Cold

Over the Christmas break we traveled up to northern Ontario and, as always, I took some drones along for the festivities. While we were enjoying the holidays the temperature dropped as low -36C and I actually flew in temperatures as low as -29C. I would like to point out that these flights were not for commercial purposes and they all took place on a secure, privately owned rural property 15km from town (AKA – the middle of nowhere). Our company operations manual forbids commercial flights below manufacturer’s specifications and these temperatures were WAY below those ratings (the DJI Mavic is rated to 0°C and the Inspire 2 -20°C). These flights were for recreational and educational purposes only!

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Drones for Good
Drones for Good

DroneBoy Team Helps Find Lost Dog

Drones for Good - Zeus


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For the last two days poor old Zeus the dog has been missing in the Stratford Ontario area and his owners were getting distraught. What to do? After calling all the regular authorities and enlisting everyone they could for the search the family reached out to DroneBoy. As luck would have it we have a locally based pilot, Rob Boyce who, with a spotter along for safety, combed the area from high above with his nimble Inspire2 drone. For the better part of two days Rob combed the area from high above and earlier today, Zeus the dog was found healthy and very hungry. Hooray!


Here is a compilation of some of our work from 2017. Enjoy!

Drone Safety Bulletin