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The truth is none of this fancy gear is any good without our experienced team to operate it safely and effectively. All our larger professional systems come with two operators. The pilot flies the bird and the camera operator maintains independent control over camera function and camera tracking. Our camera operator can literally point the camera anywhere you want while in flight which is spectacular to see!

On larger shoots we also include an operations manager who takes care of everything else and makes sure our team works seamlessly with yours to make it a reality, safely and effectively every time!


TOM COMET – Head Pilot & Founder

Since early on, Tom had a keen interest in flying, innovation and technology, so an aviation and drone/UAV based career path has been the perfect fit for him. Tom has been piloting drones since 2012 and obtained his UAV Ground School certification soon after that.  To be just a little different from everyone else, Tom went from drones to piloting real aircraft and obtained his private pilot’s license (PPL) in 2015. Since then he has gone on to earn his multi engine license and is studying hard towards his full instrument and commercial flight ratings.

These days Tom is happiest building custom camera rigs in the shop, flying whatever he can get his hands on, and shooting stunning photos and video using all available technologies.


STEFAN MARCHAND – Pilot, Camera Operator & Field Operations

As a former compliance, risk, and operations executive in the financial industry, Stefan helps ensure we are meeting operational standards along with safety and regulatory requirements. He is a seasoned photographer (New York Institute of Photography) and he is always looking for new ways to use multi rotors as "aerial tripods". Growing up he loved all things RC (cars, planes, boats) and now with the emergence of multi rotors he is bringing together many of his passions and leveraging his business experiences to forge new paths in this emerging industry.


BERNIE MARTIN – Pilot, Camera Operator & Field Operations

Bernie is "the new guy" but has rapidly worked his way up to being one of our top camera operators in the field. He is a professional dog trainer whose background is in social media and marketing.  If we can ever drag him off the camera controls we plan to get him to help us out with our Facebook marketing as well.


ROBERT BOYCE – Pilot & Camera Operator

Robert has been involved in the remote control world from the early 90's, starting with fixed-wing small planes, then graduating into the jet models. Robert has been involved in the media world since high school, so it was a perfect fit when the UAV drone world took off. Having run his photography business for over 10 years, it has been a very rewarding challenge to go all-out in the UAV aerial cinematography business. Being one of the first, it has been so enjoyable getting to work on big marketing projects for his own businesses as well as for major companies like CBC, Discovery Channel, and many more. Robert can't wait to help open up new roads and create paths to visions for other creative ideas.


PATRICK LESCHINSKI – Drone Maintenance Engineer (DME) & Pilot

Formerly an aerospace engineer at Airbus Defence and Space, Patrick has been designing, building and flying unmanned aircraft for cinematic, scientific and industrial purposes since 2012. As our systems engineers here, he builds our new aircraft and makes sure the existing drones are in top shape for every job. Patrick is originally from Australia, where he obtained his bachelors degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He is adjusting well to Canadian life - driving on the right side of the road is still a bit of a challenge, but luckily there are no lanes in the sky!


MATT JONIEC – Camera Operator & Head of Post Production

Meet Matt Joniec. Matt is a passionate and experienced video producer who always strives to find unique and creative ways to tell a client’s story. Professional aerial cinematography has recently become a growing interest of his, and he brings his technical background in camera operations and post-workflows to the DroneBoy team. Matt has a love of football, fashion, and things that go fast. He’s also unapologetic in his love of Michael Bay movies.


MARK NIELSEN - Security & Field Operations

After his time in the military Mark went in to the world of I.T. After a decade of working the cooperate world he got pulled in to working in the entrainment industry. Having worked in some of the Largest venues in Canada he brings experience in providing risk assessments for various aspects of entertainment industry and brings those skills to Drone boy to ensure safe and secure flight operations.


TINA REIBLING – Bookkeeper & Controller

Tina is the one with the hardest job of all - compiling ALL those receipts and expenses into something that makes sense and maybe, even a profit from time to time. She writes the cheques and keeps us flying. Wow, and I thought operating a $30,000 multi-rotor camera platform in howling winds at minus 20° Celsius was hard…


DEVON FAIRFAX – Administrative Assistant

Devon received a diploma in Business: Entrepreneurship & Management from Fanshawe College and is our newest member at DroneBoy. When her eyes aren’t glued to a computer screen, you can find her enjoying the great outdoors, or with her nose shoved in a good book.


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