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Local FX company @DroneBoyMedia worked on xXx - great job! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1293847/?ref_=nv_sr_1 Can you spot #HamOnt in the trailer?


Check out this drone footage from a Canada Day fireworks show, all live streamed with Wirecast! @DroneBoyMedia Connected Canada Day: Drones in Fireworks


#Epic Shoot with @DroneBoyMedia and #arri #ALEXAmini http://bit.ly/1UGbnee


Wow, this is a very cool unit from @droneboymedia from #hamont http://droneboy.com/blog/onewheel-infinite-dolly-track/


Taking our flag to new heights in our vid w @CanadianTire - beauty work @droneboymedia @apollostudio! http://blog.notchvideo.com/raising-our-flag-from-coast-to-coast/ … #FlyYourCdnFlag


Looking forward to more #BTS clips of #UAV #Drone such as this one from @DroneBoyMedia and @ROMtoronto : vimeo.com/111267150



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